To enhance and make positive difference in their social and academic developmental success. We serve from k - 8th Grade, and offer a comprehensive program of learning that enriches their lives and encourage them to challenge and explore new ideas

Holiday Camp/Summer Day Camp

During every period wherein school is not in session, we offer services to foster and stimulate their learning ability through creative Crafts, Recreation, Arts, Performing Arts, and various activities as a fun way to learn and grow.

Personal Enrichment Program

Dedicated in providing challenging and interesting classes and outdoor activities taught by trained instructors to encourage their creativity, develop talents and skills and more so, to enhance leadership confidence and business ideology. We offer classes that includes hands-on job training, Fitness training, and career exploration opportunities

Early Childhood Development

A childcare center that goes above and beyond with trained teachers that uses the most current methods to ensure children have fun while learning the skills they need for long-term success in school and in life. UAF classrooms also feature diverse learning programs such as, yoga, world cultures, Food/health, manners and computer skills, programs that most childcare centers do not offer.

Youth Program

UAF is dedicated to engaging adolescents in challenging their potentials, bringing out their hidden talents in preparation for producitive and challenging careers, through camp sessions as designed by trained instructors, and more so, to enhance leadership confidence.

Saturday Program

A day dedicated for field trips and sight seeing, libraries, museum, ancient historical places depicting inventors and other notable events relevant to educational achievement.