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Fund The Organization To Buy A Building For Our Kids And Youth Programs

My name is Massah Saffa, Founder and CEO of the Universal Achievers Foundation Inc. Vision: To support and inspire kids and youths to identify their potentials and develop themselves to be productive members in society. This organization focuses on programs, and activities to enhance positive difference in social and academic development in the lives of kids and youths, and challenging their potentials, bringing out their hidden talent and skills in preparation for productive growth and careers. We started in 2010, with tremendous appreciation from parents, seeing their kids and youths actively involved and changes were seen in some individuals lives; till we started facing challenges with location. Due to limited funds, the rent was raised; backed with restricted conditions, as we had no choice but to find another location, because you could not afford it nor agree to such terms due to safety which is our priority. We got another location, great! but we lost lots of our participants due to increase in travelling distance. The second location was not as accommodating as needed to do the types of required activities which affected our planned curriculum, thus eventually resulted to us delivering less than what was planned and expected for participants to achieve. In that state of myself, the counselors and participants trying to cope, we were struck with an overnight natural disaster which brought up safety concerns and we had no choice but to move our programs to an alternate location immediately, but with even more tighter restriction for the kids to explore. We exhausted all our contacts, trying to get another location that fits the requirement for buildings with group of kids according to the NY state law, but not easy to find. As a result, we cancelled off our programs of 70 - 100 participants and were now serving as low as 2 - 3, or sometimes 4 - 5 kids and youths on scanty hours twice a week. Due to these challenges, I do believe that there is always a way out if you all join me as a team, to help find a home, a building were we'll not be forced out off, or be restricted because of money. I want to use this opportunity in pleading to you all, to kindly help this organization raise $100,000 (One Hundred Thousand), to buy a building, so as to get the kids and youths occupied with constructive educational learning. No matter how small you may see it, it will help us move closer to our goal. Meeting these kids and youths (Participants) on the streets and a particular child called Violet asked, "Miss Massah, are you doing any of the programs soon, I miss the activities, because it was helping me find my school work easier and i missed all my friends and some of the games were fun". It touched my heart greatly. Getting our building, means more added structural programs and activities. Be a part of someone's achievement. Be A Child's Best Friend. Any amount donated, is tax deductible. Thank you so much, for your kind heart, TOGETHER WE WILL ACHIEVE!