Get Involved

There are  different ways to get involved in this organization..

The activities that has been enumerated and sanctioned to be carried out, will be a result of dedicated teachers, personnel, books, furniture – to mention a few, have rendered their time and effort, to carry out the mission of UAF. All these requires finance. We thank members who have contributed towards this, and would like to use this medium to plead and solicit for donation no matter how small, it will go a long way and it will be appreciated. For your convenience, we have options of donation –

Making Donation

  • Through the bank and  paypal
  • Send check to – 459 St Marks Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11238 – Payable to Universal Achievers Foundation Inc.
  • You can make a one-time or monthly  donation  to UAF, giving in honor to a program or activity.
  • You can invite your friends to this site, to make donations in respect of your Birthday anniversary (making you feel fulfilling by helping others with your gifts}
  • Making donation in memory of love ones or colleagues – either lost or alive or celebrating special moments. (If so, send us information for UAF to send a letter of thanks.

Or  Access the donation button on the website….

Supporting Our  Events

UAF holds special events like

  • Fundraising Dinner & Dance
  • End Of School Year Shows
  • Bake Sales
  • Talent Shows
  • Annual Conference
  • Workshops
  • Graduation Ceremonies

You can sponsor the entire event of your choice, or partially.  UAF invites you to be a part of every event and activities.



Your time is valuable and important to us.  Spending your time with this organization by helping execute the daily activities, or on special occasions and events, or helping us by working from home, is highly welcomed and appreciated. If you’ll like to volunteer your time, please contact us via phone – (718) 879-2620 or email – [email protected] and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


For any questions and concerns, Please call us at (718) 879-2620. Thanks for your kind support.



Any amount donated, is tax deductible.