Black History

Universal Achievers Academy (UAA) celebrated it’s first cultural show in commemoration to “Black History Month”. The students dressed in representation of Sierra Leonean Culture, it’s Leaders, Tribes, and Region. Four awesome speakers spoke on different cultures.

Mr. Andrew J. Kromah of KISS Radio FM spoke about the Mende culture. He elaborated on the slave and slave masters, places of settlement, their culture, food, profession and trade. Mrs Fatmata Jalloh spoke about the Fulani Culture, places of settlement, cultural beliefs and marital beliefs. Captain John Thomas elaborated so well on the Limba culture and used so many examples to get the audience to understand. Ms Fantase wrapped it all by explaining about the Kurankoh tribe. After it all, there was a question and answer moment. Honorable Adonis Aboud, gave words of wisdom as an overview of the Sierra Leonean Culture from a foreign perspective. The kids spoke about what they learnt about their community and they acted a drama play and singing about Corona prevention

Universal Achievers Foundation Inc. hosted a “Black History Celebration” within the community making the celebration and reflection associated with the month of February ongoing. We work to close education gaps for black and African students to be educated, equipped and empowered. Black History month (February) is an annual celebration of achievements by African-Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. History. Also known as African American History Month (February). Guest speaker Assemblyman Karim Camara spoke about “Embracing Culture” while the CEO/Founder spoke about “Your Values in life”. Poem was read by Ms Texanne Halloway. Two other guest speakers Mr. Melvin Isaac who spoke about “The importance of Art & Culture”. Professor Oladiran Famuyiwa closed of with a speech on “Being The Change”. It was an interesting night. The youths and all guests enjoyed themselves……