About Us

Universal Achievers Foundation’s vision is to support and inspire kids and youths in developing their psycho-motor and conceptual skills, and identify their potentials, with the aim to be productive members and leaders in society.

UAF has been a trusted name among parents and families as we’re serving kids within different  communities;  with safe structured programs designed to engage in positive activities that improve their quality of life, regardless of age, income or background.  Everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive

 Our programs, offering age-appropriate opportunities to discover, explore and learn. Our approach is based on widely acceptable childhood development and brain-based learning research that clearly indicates the deepest, most genuine learning occurring for children through play-based activities. UAF foster the cognitive and social development of each child with fun lessons lovingly guided by highly trained teachers, preparing children for social and academic success.

UAF ensure that the youths in our programs reach their full potential, by helping them grow physically, socially and mentally into career paths as we build strong future for us all as communities.  With the presence of partnership, we don’t just promise, but we deliver a positive change.

Together we can achieve so much more…. from Head Start Early Childhood Learning services to Personal Enrichment services.  We offer programs that keep communities thriving and active.

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